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I'm gona live my life! subdued v1.0

Monday November 4, 2000
Finished designing my first template. Obviously I've designed other pages before but never to be exclusively used by people other than myself. I hope you like the design and if you plan on using it please contact me so I can see it put to use.

The colors used on this site:
This should be useful if you plan on changing the colors .

#000000 - Used for the outer border on each table
#FFFFFF - The inner border for each table and active links
#CCCCCC - The color of this text
#333333 - Link color, Visited link color
#687584 - Background color
#758393 - Table background color
#4B545F - Color of text between <big> tags
#414852 - Color of text between <small> tags

This Design Was Made Possible By:

This page best viewed with my computer. Other computers may mistakenly display nude pictures of Rosie O'Donnell in place of this page.





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